Thursday, June 16, 2011

Collio on a Vespa

UPDATE, July 2, 2011: Three weeks after this post appeared, the New York Times runs big interactive feature by Ingrid Williams about, yes, riding a Vespa along the Collio trail.

I admit it, I'm a sucker for scooters. I drive the Yamaha Vino in Seattle, so I jumped at the chance to tour the Collio hills on a sunny Sunday afternoon on a bright yellow Vespa.

And what a sweet machine it is. Room under the seat for Michael's D80 loaner with its 12mm lens. Off I go, into the hills, toward San Florian (church square under reconstruction), down again to Oslavia (World War One ossuary, remains of 60,000 soldiers), stop on market square in Cormons for Aperol spritz and bowl of gulasch soup.

More photos online:

Scooter outing courtesy of the elegant resort Castello di Spessa. This trip to Italy is being hosted by the Cosorzio Collio Carso, whose motto, I need not remind you, is I Love Collio!

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